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Located in Louisville, KY, Radio Joe's was established in 1988. Back in those days there were a few places in the Mid-West to record commercial audio, but none featured a professional roster of non-union talent. Radio Joe's changed all that.

Twenty years on, Radio Joe's is still changing and challenging the talent roster. Since Tom Bodet brought the heat of the anti-announcer to commercials, producers have been frequently on the search for that natural voice. Interesting, but natural. Real. Trustworthy. And while we still have a few of those classic announcers on our roster, our goal is to offer voices that are real, and believable.

The majority of our main players are actors, but our extras, wow, they could be anything. If you want an English housewife, why pretend? If you want a cop, what's better than a real cop? The trick is to find these varied people who can deliver on script, who understand the business, and who can take direction. That's the Radio Joe difference. We have those real people by the tons. And we are constantly on the search for more. It is those people who add color, and grit, and realism to spots that actors can never duplicate.

Our two principal producers make a huge difference as well. With over 30 years of combined experience Will Adams and Michael Horton can direct talent right on the dime. Tell Michael or Will the type voice you're looking for and chances are good they'll find it. Adams and Horton have those intangibles that make good producers. Besides being smart and hilarious, Horton is an accomplished linguist (English, German, French and Norwegian) who specializes in long-form. Adams is a recognized sound-designer and popular voice-over artist.

Our associate producers have big-time experience as well. Todd Smith, the in-house music producer is a voting member of the Academy of Recording Arts and has platinum albums to his credit. Ernie Pino, our Spanish producer, is an ad man to the core. Ernie is probably one of the best advertising Spanish translators in the business today.

Ultimately, Radio Joe's adds up to a recording studio run by and for the commercial industry. Whether you want a big and brandy image campaign, or the voices of a bunch of blue collar steel workers testifying about itch cream, Radio Joe's delivers a reality that's interesting and moves product. Now host to an international roster of over 200 professional voices, countless extras, three digital edit suites, two sound design for video suites, ISDN, and web sound services, Radio Joe's pumps out over 600 high-end audio products every year.

120 Webster St. Suite 110 ~ Louisville, Ky 40206 ~ Phone: (502) 585-5058 ~ E-mail: will@radiojoe.net
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