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Radio Spot Production
Studio Pacifica
Studio Pacifica is the commercial side of Radio Joe's. Featuring a fully-loaded ProTools system, Pacifica is used principally for radio spot production, sound design, and ISDN export sessions.
ProTools HD System
Studio Serengeti
Studio Serengeti is currently under renovation. At 750 square feet, Serengeti is a powerful and roomy environment for album and jingle production.
Dub Center
Dub Center
With ever-changing formats the Dub Center at Radio Joe's is a busy place. We can take old LP's, reel to reels, even old 8 tracks of King Crimson, and turn them into various forms of digital media.
The Dub Center also features a ProTool optimized for forensic audio reclamation. With a full suite of forensic tools, the Dub Center is often called upon to clean up damaged, or unintelligible audio. The Dub Center can also take overflow from the other suite with its own ProTool System that features a full Waves plug-in bundle.
120 Webster St. Suite 110 ~ Louisville, Ky 40206 ~ Phone: (502) 585-5058 ~ E-mail:
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