Female Voice Talent

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Name Description
Amy Attaway Slight Rasp, 20 Something, Fresh, Clear, Believable
Tara Bassett Clean, Clear, Factual
Grace Bennett Low Range, Alluring, Medium Rasp
Alexis Bronkovic Mid Range, Young, Confident
Madelyn Buzzard Medium Voice, Sophisticated, Characters, Sincere, Narration
Katie Byrd Young, Hip, Raspy
Carol Dines Bright Voice, Retail, Characters, Long Form Narration
Kara Edwards Young, Energetic, Eco-Friendly
Shirely Ewing Medium Voice, Characters, Caring, Honest
Jill Fox Caring, Honest, Real, Narration
Jessica George Clear, Low Mid-Range, Great Retail, Characters, Sincere, Narration
Melanie Haynes Authoritative Alto, High-End Retail, Narration
Rita Hight Range Unlimited, Characters, Retail , Narration
Kathy Levin Attitude, Airy, Intense
Lyn McManus Sincere, Alluring, Funny
Adale O'Brien Mature, Classy, Elegant, Narration
Vicki Rogers Medium Voice, Funny, Retail, Characters, Caring
Susan Schroeder Hip Voice, Youthful, yet Authoritative
Rebecca Seger High Raspy Voice, Retail, Characters, Attitudes
Leslie Stewart Deep Voice, Warm Round Tone, Narration
Cynthia Tewes Quirky, Quick, Hilarious, Yes She Played Julie On Love Boat
Lynn Thomas Medium Voice, Characters, Straight Read
Jess Wachsman Young, High-Gloss, Energetic
Leslie Wadsworth Breezy, Comfortable, Reassuring
Cathy Wilde Low, Raspy, Hip, Breathy
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