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Name Description
Will Adams Big Voice, Characters, Accents, Attitudes, Hard Sell, Narration
Alan Adelberg Mid Range, Sincere, Cool
E. Smith Allen Youthful, Energetic, Versatile, Smart Ass
Dan Applegate Twenty-Something, NYC Talent, Great Brand Voice
Dwight Ashley Urban Aggressive
Bill Ballenberg Straight Ahead, Low to Mid Range, Attitude
Ken Boynton Medium Range, Every Man, Attitudes
Joe Brown Medium Voice, Sincere, Sensitive, Smooth, Funny, Narration
Tom Burch Big Voice, Narration
Jay Campbell Amped up 20 something, Narration, Great retail
Jim Cissell Big, mid-range voice. Extremely versatile. Disney Trailer Voice
Donovan Corneetz Essence of Urban Cool
Henry Dardenne Raspy, Attitudes, Characters
Randy Davidson Big Voice, Characters, Accents, Attitudes, Hard Sell, Narration
David de Vires** Essence of Cool, Today, Super Hip
Mac Ferran High Voice, Characters, Nervous, Flighty
Shawn Francis Young, Genuine, 20 Something Sound, Great Versatility
Grant George California, Strong, High-Gloss Retail
Gary Guthrie Medium Voice, Hard Sell
Larry Homuth Classic Big Voice, Caring, Intense, Narration
William Jackson Comedian, Hip, High Cool Factor
Bob Jump Yeah, that's him. Narration, Equity, Characters
Steve Lawson Medium Voice, Warm, Friendly
Jeff Leonard Big Voice, Hard Sell, Straight Read, Narration
Steve Lovvorn Apex Announcer, LaFontaine-type
Mike Madeoy Big Voice, Cool, Kinda Noir
Lance McGarvey Down Home, Believable, Deep Baritone
Bill McNulty Medium Voice, Smooth, Accents, Sophisticated, Narration
Rich McMahon Medium Voice, Dry Humor, Intense
Eric Michaels Versatile, Accents, Big Sells, Characters, Narration
Dan Minton Big Voice, Down Home, Sensitive
Duke Morgan Warm and authoritative. But he can SELL!!
Dan O'Neil Classic announcer, but with a subtle edge
Gene Parham Medium Voice, Sincere, Friendly
Poppa Stampley This guy's just cool. Seriously
Tom Stosberg Big Voice, Characters, Funny, Straight Read, Narration
Matt Wiewel Friendly, Trustworthy, Cool
Dave White Medium Voice, High-Gloss, Perfectly Simple
Paul Zitzer Young, Hip, Extreme Sports Announcer for NBC's Dew Tour
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